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Photography is a science, as well as an art. It is an ancient profession too! Of course, in the yester years the form and format of photography were quite different from what it is today! Over the years, the photography has undergone Changes from analog to digital from Black and White to Color. Capturing the changing moods and the glorious moments in life is something that is cherished by all !!


In the erstwhile Dakshina Kannada District, it was Sri. Irvatturu Gopal Pai who pioneered the art and science of Photography. Born in the year 1918, in a small town known as Karkala, Mr. Pai chose photography as a passion. He got wedded to his love for photography after being a freelancer for almost two decades! In the year 1950 he set up his own small studio in Karkala, converting the passion in to a profession. He named it as `Prakash Photo Art Studio’ as `Lighting’ effect is the most important element in successful photography. That was the time, when the entire South Kanara District, comprising of 6 taluks had only 5 or 6 photo Studios. For nearly half a century, Sri. Pai worked with the camera and perfected the art of Photography intuitively. He was a role model and source of inspiration to many youngsters interested in photography. Sri. Pai passed away in 2009 leaving behind a rich legacy of professional photography.

PropraitorIt was the turn of his worthy son, Sri. I Mohandas Pai to pay his rich tributes to his father by shouldering the responsibilities of taking his dreams forward. He has not only injected professionalism to whatever he does, but also tamed technology to customer delight by investing in state-of-the-art facilities. As Prakash Studio is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee Year, Sri Mohandas Pai dedicates this website to his father, mentor and more significantly a professional Guru in photography. May his blessings guide Prakash Studio in reaching greater heights in winning your cooperation and support, as ever !!